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  GDP Press Release 2013

Federated States of Micronesia

2013 GDP Estimates

The nominal GDP estimate for the FSM was $314.6 million. The largest contributors being the Productive Enterprises ($108.3 million), Households ($94.1 million), and Governments ($80.2 million). The Financial Enterprises and Non Profit Organizations contributed $5.9 million and $4.1 million respectively. The estimated FSM nominal GDP per capita was $3,034.

The real GDP estimate was $237.8 million and its growth was -3.9%, indicating a drop from the previous year. By state, the real GDP was estimated to be $37.1 million for Yap, $64.9 million for Chuuk, $107.9 million for Pohnpei, and $14.5 million for Kosrae.

The real GDP per capita was estimated to be $3,418 for Yap, $1,441 for Chuuk, $3,036 for Pohnpei and $2,372 for Kosrae in FY2013.


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