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  HIES 2013-2014 Field work Kick-off for FSM

Field work Kick-off for FSM HIES 2013 – 2014

Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Office of Statistics

July 23, 2013

On July 11, 2013 the conduct of the FSM 2013 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) project began. On that day, the recruited field workers for the survey were deployed throughout the FSM states to make initial contact with and introduce the survey to the households which were randomly selected to be part of the survey. Unlike the HIES in 2005, which was conducted over a period  of only three (3) weeks, this HIES will be carried out over a period of one year in order to capture seasonal pattern of households expenditure and income. This will result in quality data and accurate information on household expenditure and income.

The survey offered employment opportunity for about fifty nine (59) personnel who have been recruited as field workers.  Overtime, these workers will be trained to ensure they can successfully carry out the survey.

The FSM 2013 HIES project is an important national survey and it is carried out occasionally every five years due to its high cost.  It is important because it provides a wide range of critical data and useful information that are necessary to derive key social and economic indicators for planning and policy making.  But more importantly, the survey provides the community members throughout the nation the opportunity to tell their story of how they are doing (wellbeing) whether they are able to afford the cost of living in terms of the cost of health services, educational services, transportation services, communication services, utility and etc. 

HIES is probably the only forum in which the people can tell the government and providers of goods and services if they are earning enough income (if any) and if their income is enough to pay for the basic goods and services and making some savings.  For this reason, the survey gives voice to the people to address their nation.

The Statistics Division of the Office of SBOC seeks support of households in ensuring cooperation to make this survey successful for everyone’s benefit. As stipulated in Public Law 5-77, all information collected through the HIES survey will be kept strictly confidential and shall only be used for statistical purposes.

For further information, contact Mathew Chigiyal or Brihmer Johnson at FSM Office of SBOC at (691)320-2823/24, or the State Office Managers at Kosrae (691)370-3797, Pohnpei (691)320-6590, Chuuk (691)330-5675/5141, and Yap (691)350-5249

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