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  International Merchandise Trade

Annual Imports and Exports
Federated States of Micronesia

CY 2002 to CY 2013

Total imports in 2013 were $187,692 thousand and total exports  were $34,675 thousand.  Compared to 2012, imports decreased by $5,953 thousand (3%) and total exports decreased by $17,467 thousand (33 %).

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Monthly Imports
Federated States of Micronesia

January 2014

Value of Imports:
Total imports in January 2014 were $10,875 thousand

Composition of Imports:
HS  Sections  that made up 5 per cent or more of imports were Mineral products which accounted for 22 per cent, followed by Prepared foodstuff, beverages and tobacco at 17 per cent, Machinery, mechanical and electrical appliances at 9 per cent, Vegetable products and Transportation equipment at 8 per cent each, Chemical products at 7 per cent, Animals and animal products and Base metals and articles of base metal at 5 per cent each.  Together, these HS Sections comprised 81 per cent of imports.

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