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  Press Release No. CPI -15/1

Federated States of Micronesia

Press Release No. CPI-15/1

FSM Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicates an overall slight decrease in price...

The FSM inflation rate for third quarter of 2015 showed a negative 1.0 percent compared with same quarter in 2014; indicating a slight decrease in the prices of goods and services. This decrease attributed mainly to the decrease in the price of electricity.

*ATSB-Alcohol, tobacco, sakau & betel nut

Prices in all groups, with the exceptions of Clothing & footwear and Alcohol, tobacco, sakau & betel nut groups, had decreased, in order of significance being; Food (-0.5%), Services (-1.0%), Miscellaneous (-1.5%), and Fuel, light & water (-8.5%). The following had increased in the order of significance being; Clothing & footwear (6.8%), Alcohol, tobacco, sakau & betel nut groups (0.9%), and Housing (0.01%).

At the item level, the main contributing items to the negative 1.0 annual inflation were the decrease in the prices of electricity, fuel, and rice

In CPI prices of goods and services are further classified as either domestic or imported items. For domestic items, the inflation rate was -0.8 compared to imported item at -1.0, indicating an overall decrease in prices of both domestic and imported items.

The detail tables for the FSM and states, including explanatory notes can be view here.

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