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  Summary of Economic Statistics

This page contains a summary of the economic indicators, presenting the latest available data. Please click on the appropriate link on the left to access more detailed information.

Selected Key Economic Indicators
Indicator Latest year available
National Accounts FY13
FMS Real GDP (US$ millions) 237.8
GDP per capita $3,034
International Trade 2012
Total imports, value (US$ 000), CY2012 193,645
Total exports, value (US$ 000), CY2012 45,037
Consumer Price Index 2013
Jan-Mar 2011 2.4
Apr-Jun 2011 1.4
Jul-Sep 2011 1.8
Oct-Dec 2011 0.4
Government Finance (US millions) FY12
Revenue and grants 215.2
Expenditure 144.8
Overall balance 2.7
Employment rates 2010(census)
Persons in labor force 37,919
Percent 57.3%
Unemployment rate
:male 15.5%
: female 17.7%
Labor Market FY2012
Persons employed in all industries 15,281
Average annual wage, real $8,113
Balance of Payment (US$ millions) FY2012
Current account balance (39.3)
Capital account balance 64.0
Financial account balance (33.3)
Overall balance (8.6)
Banking Dec-2013
Interest rates: Lending
: Consumer Loans 15.7%
: Commercial loans 7.1%
: Deposit - Savings 0.6%
External Debt (US millions) FY2012
External debt 90.3
Adjusted for offsetting assets 57.7

Source: FSM Statistics Unit

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