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  Social Statistics - Summary

Social Statistics - Summary

This page contains a summary of the social indicators, presenting the latest available data.

Selected key social indicators
Indicator Latest year available
Health 2000
Life expectancy at birth 67.0
Infant mortality rate, per 1000 40
Child mortality rate, per 1000 12
Total fertility rate 4.44
Literacy 2000
  Overall literacy rate, % 92.4
  Adults (25 years and over ) completed primary school 66.9%
Enrollment, students SY04-05
  Primary 24,601
  Secondary 8,246
  College (fall semester) 2,283
Demographic 2000
Population 107,008
Male 54,191
Female 52,817
Average annual growth rate, % (1994-2000) 0.26
Median age, years 18.9
Dependency rate, % 78.6
De nsity, per square mile 395
Hardship indicators 2000
Proportion of population with access to improved drinking water 92.8%
Proportion of population with access to improved sanitation 23.5%
Crime 2001
Number of reported criminal offenses 7,091
Transportation and Communications 2004
Number of registered vehicles 8,859
Residential subscribers to telephone 11,023

Source: FSM division of statistics

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